Professional Photographers Tanya Antalikova Los Angeles – New York – London

Professional photographer Tanya Antalikova, specialized in fashion photography with a hip and edgy approach in her style, this young female photographer is well on her way to become a top fashion photographer in Los Angeles, New York, and London, where she recently created her latest architectural and landscape Art photography collection

Tanya’s love for traveling the world and her unique eye for details and beauty enabled her to capture stunning images around the world.
Her Landscape and Cityscape photography is nothing short of breathtaking! And her Fashion photography is taking her clients by storm, creating images beyond their expectations. Tanya proves to be everything they asked for and more….

Tanya also enjoys working with up and coming models , actors and new faces, creating extremely beautiful, yet natural headshots and portfolios for countless young entertainers and modeling agencies in Los Angeles, CA and New York City

Tanya’s talent was discovered many years ago by her idol, mentor and Top Fashion photographer “Shaun Alexander”, when she started her career as a fashion model and soon as Shaun’s right hand studio manager and senior director of his photography workshops, It took years of intense training and hard work that finally paved the road for her successful career in fashion photography

” In my entire 30+ years of career, I’ve never seen anyone more talented and determined as Tanya” Shaun says!

Tanya’s deep appreciation and education for art fashion, photography, beauty and lighting, , her imaginative mind and dedication are the perfect ingredients for her success in the fashion world, not only as a beautiful model and a talented fashion stylist but also as a well respected professional photographer.